Feeling grounded

I’ve been scouring the socials looking for a just right replacement rug to ground our dining table while providing a little definition from the parquet flooring. You know, something with that magical mix of pop but practical? 🤷🏽‍♀️

I really do love this table, and wanted to highlight it more in this space. It has become the hub of our family, a sturdy command center where we eat, work, play and collaborate. The room itself does get a bit toasty in the summer. It’s located in the front, west facing side of our midcentury home, with a backdrop of floor to ceiling windows. I figured a lighter rug would also provide the perception of cooler temps.

Originally a sisal rug held this place of honor, but it pretty much matched the floor, and when combined with the table itself, it all just felt like one big unappealing smear.

So, after rehoming the sisal to our living room, we painted this space to tone down the brownish orange hue, dare I say baby poop? I then began my search and settled on this wool rug for its pattern, as well as color that plays well with the #reverepewter on our walls. And bonus that it’s not white or a true cream, but instead already the shade those colors tend to become after a month in our home anyway. 👦🏻👦🏼👧🏼🐕🐶🤦🏽‍♀️ #winning


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Hiya! My name’s Melanthia, a journalist turned mom of three who loves reading, running, and random acts of life. Here I share my pros and cons experiences while I dabble in baking, decorating, and gardening. I’m happy to have you stop by, and hope you stay awhile!

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