Escape to the trees

Our family pretty religiously does an annual Memorial Day weekend camping trip. Yet we haven’t otherwise been getting out of the city very much – in recent years especially, but mostly thanks to sports, playdates and diy home projects. Maybe it was an inherent need to reset, or just an excuse to avoid weekend cleaning,Continue reading “Escape to the trees”

Cocoa Bombs for Christmas

Baking came to me late, somewhere in my mid-twenties I think, when I and my now hubs moved to Seattle together. Chocolate chip cookies and banana bread were obvious staples, but after we bought our first house I wanted to christen the kitchen with a major culinary attempt (for me): lasagna and tiramisu. These wereContinue reading “Cocoa Bombs for Christmas”

Calm before the Christmas

Ten days and counting before the big day arrives, and I’m starting the holiday hustle of decorating all things house and gift. This year especially it’s easy to become overwhelmed, so I’ve simplified our to-do list by whittling it down to only the merry must haves. Our family is pretty traditional, so for us IContinue reading “Calm before the Christmas”

Easing into the holidays

Christmas is once again drifting slowly into our home. I’d like to think it’s so I can ease myself into the holiday season, but really it’s because I’m busy yak shaving. And instead I often wait until the lastish minute to do “all the must-do but not really necessary things” before the big day arrives.Continue reading “Easing into the holidays”

Feeling grounded

I’ve been scouring the socials looking for a just right replacement rug to ground our dining table while providing a little definition from the parquet flooring. You know, something with that magical mix of pop but practical? 🤷🏽‍♀️ I really do love this table, and wanted to highlight it more in this space. It hasContinue reading “Feeling grounded”

I finally broke

I finally broke. Not physically, but mentally and certainly emotionally. The kind of rending that allows years of pent up questions, tears and rage to spill forth – all while feeling there are no answers, and very little hope for healing. Like much of the world, I’ve absorbed weeks of news, images, memes, conversations, andContinue reading “I finally broke”