With love …

My Christmas ask for 2020 is a mantle for above our fireplace. I’ve already submitted my special request to Santa that he build it – and bring it early for placement THIS year. There’s still time; cross your fingers for me. 🤞🏼 I don’t know why this is my want this year. We’ve gotten byContinue reading “With love …”

Cocoa Bombs for Christmas

Baking came to me late, somewhere in my mid-twenties I think, when I and my now hubs moved to Seattle together. Chocolate chip cookies and banana bread were obvious staples, but after we bought our first house I wanted to christen the kitchen with a major culinary attempt (for me): lasagna and tiramisu. These wereContinue reading “Cocoa Bombs for Christmas”

Calm before the Christmas

Ten days and counting before the big day arrives, and I’m starting the holiday hustle of decorating all things house and gift. This year especially it’s easy to become overwhelmed, so I’ve simplified our to-do list by whittling it down to only the merry must haves. Our family is pretty traditional, so for us IContinue reading “Calm before the Christmas”

Writing for pleasure

This is me easing my way back into writing. Did you know I was a writer? It’s been a dozen years since I last had a byline. I left journalism behind when the birth of my first son prompted me to trade in my press badge and notebooks for pampers and nap times. I enjoyedContinue reading “Writing for pleasure”


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Follow along in my momming mishaps attempting to raise three good humans while I diy my way through life.


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